Rachel was born and raised in the beautiful country of Israel, into a secular jewish family of artists and academics.

Always full of passion for their children's talents, Rachel's parents, until this very day, are excited to provide for their loved ones an environment, always filled with sweetness and the earnest dedication to expand their children's aspirations.

At the age of 5 Rachel began to take regular private piano lessons with her caring mentor Elisabeta Galin. Rachel's musical talent as well as her absolute pitch were immediately recognized.

Her tremendous love for mathematics resulted into a promising academic career earning her two B.A's in the field of economics.

At the age of 25 ,Rachel decided to implement a major shift into her life, realizing that the achievement of inner happiness and true togetherness lies beyond society's traditional paths.

As a result, Rachel decided to join a creative community of artists and academics in Israel's southern desert for more than a decade.

During these years, Rachel engaged and lead hundreds of musical projects, with a multitude of artists from all around the world, resulting into her solid expertise and rich musical background.

As a happily married mother of two beautiful children, Rachel resides at the shore of one of Salzburg's most astounding lakes.